Planning a trip to Cairns with the kids in tow? Read about our favourite activities to do with the kids when visiting the region.


Rock out at the Cairns Esplanade


Considered the number one hangout within the Cairns area, a lot of people practically live here, and you have so many options for the whole family along this fun strip of coastline. You don’t have a beach anywhere in Cairns, but you do have the beautiful lagoons, which has taken the winning spot over the blazing summer months. When you want to know what to do in Cairns with kids, check out this little gem.


Along the one side, you will discover the Cairns Lagoons, and you will have some shade sails where your little ones can play in the sand. You even have a couple fountains within the lagoons, and kids have always loved it here. The fish sculptures continue to remain one of the favourites. In fact, when our kids were young, we’d always visit Muddy’s as the first place to go in Cairns Esplanade. You have climbing frames, swings and plenty of benches to kick back and read the newspaper.


Check out the Great Barrier Reef


Where should you go to choose a reef trip within Cairns? While it might seem a little overwhelming to decide where to take the family, you have plenty of good options. Some of the possible choices include:


  • Sunlover Cruises
  • Fitzroy Island
  • Green Island Cairns


For those with really young kids, you may want to opt in for Sunlover Cruises or Green Island. For the adults, it will make for a more peaceful and enjoyable day on vacation. If you have one of the adults or children who wants to go scuba diving, then you may want to check in with Sunlover Cruises. The sights get even better underwater the further away that you get from land.


Check out the World Heritage Rainforest


Even when the weather is wet, a trip to the Skyrail Gondolas has become one of the best things for kids to do in Cairns. You get some of the most stunning views on a sunny day, and even on a rainy day, you can slip into the clouds and experience the rainforest of this region as it should be. When our kids were young and we took this ride, they loved it. You will definitely find it worth the extra to upgrade to the Diamond View choice. With the glass floors, you will almost feel like you have started to glide through the air just above the rainforest canopy. You will have your own little window into this special and unique world. For those who have a more adventurous side to their personality, you may want to jump into the canopy glider for adrenaline pumping action.


When you ask yourself, “What to do with kids in Cairns?” The question is not that there isn’t enough to do, but figuring out the best things to do because you have many unforgettable ways to spend the day with your family. You can also check out these 10 things to do in Cairns with the little ones to get more ideas. You never know when you will have one of those funny moments with your kids that will go down in family history as one of the best memories you ever had!

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