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The RACQ Travel Planner on the RACQ website is a great way to plan your holidays. Just click on the travel planner link and put in details of where you are travelling to and from. The interactive map will show you the shortest route, road conditions and accommodations.


Dave the Elasmosaur’s complete story as well as that of the ancient underwater world of Chillagoe can be found at The Chillagoe Interpretive & Information Centre (The Hub) located in Queen Street Chillagoe.

Why was ‘Dave’ found in remote inland Australia?
Dave the Elasmosaur Story




Download Wheelbarrow Way Directory for your Car

Only the Cairns Outback captures the magic of the Outback like no other destination possibly can. It is a region of spectacular rock formations, world famous caves and wild ranges. It is also a region of ghosts!

A sense of yesteryear clings to the historic village of Irvinebank, tucked away in the hillsides. The stampers, the smelters, the turn of the century tin battery, are all living museums.
But there is another story to be told.

The story of the people. The miner, eeking out a living. The politician. Unionists. Scandals. Corruption. The adventurer seeking gold. An indigenous people. The entrepreneur, who built himself an empire. And the tinny jangle of bells, as the cameleer trudges wearily behind his team.
Nostalgia hangs over the region like a fine mist.

The backdrop to all this, is the great Australian bush. Plant life, which adapted over eons, to live in the dry tropics.

Isn’t this the experience you have always promised yourself!

Regional Links

Almaden Atherton
Chillagoe Dimbulah
Emuford Herberton
Irvinebank Julatten
Mareeba Mt Carbine Maryfarms
Mt Molloy Mt Mulligan
Mutchilba Petford

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Come and see the Cairns Outback


images-cates_house images-littlebros_tractionengine
Tyrconnell Historic Gold Mine Little Brothers Traction Engine
images-chillagoe_sunsetsm images-sunset
Sunsets over Cairns Outback
images-balancing images-bluff04
Balancing Rock Walsh River The Bluff Chillagoe


Our links above provide information on accommodation, what to see and do, tours, a map of outback north Queensland, information on Outback Towns and the Wheelbarrow Way.

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